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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bush's Candid MidEast Remarks Recorded at G8 Meeting
Bush G8

Friday, July 14, 2006

College nights - a typical party in Germany

A day in Bavaria

These photos were taken from top of the builing in which I live. Take a look - or better: Come and visit!

Back in Oaktown - Everything is where it used to be...

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Empire State Building

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The fourth title goes to...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Beautiful Balaton

Heroes from Hungary

A statue of the first man who swam through Lake Balaton.

It's a Long Way to Tipperary

I had been to Madrid and Andalucía before, but everybody kept telling me about Barcelona. So I decided to take the chance and fly there before travelling to Salamanca by train. It seemed like a good idea, because flights to Gerona are really cheap and train tickets in Spain are affordable, too. So Eszter and I took a Wizzair flight from Budapest and spent a day at la Costa Brava. As usual, time was way to short to see everything, but we got an good impression before we had to leave again.
This is Eszter en la playa del Mediterráneo.

While my little girl was already on her way to the United States, I went to the train station and started my journey through Spain. If you are planning to do the same thing, prepare yourself for a long trip. The intercity trains usually are very comfortable, they have bars and even show movies on board, but it still takes some 10 hours or so. The good thing is that you get to see beautiful landscapes on the way, the route takes the traveller through the best spanish wine regions.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Where, When and Why???

Well. I am a student of political science and history in Oaktown, Germany. Last September, I left my beloved country in order to spend two semesters abroad: One in Spain, one in Hungary. First I went to Salamanca. During my time there, my hungarian girlfriend Eszter worked in NYC, so I visited her there for ten days in November 2005. In February I travelled to southern Hungary, I now live in Siklós and study in Pécs. I will be leaving for Germany in about ten days, after that these will be news from Oaktown again.
If you are looking for some more political comments on Hungary, please check out my friends listed on the right side.

www.dieungarin.blogspot.com ...is a very interesting blog about Hungary, Religion and many other things in english, german and hungarian.

www.zum-ewigen-frieden.de ...is going to be where I will post extracts from my essays from now on. I already have posted two articles about the Holocaust in Hungary and the role of the christian churches during the process. Unfortunatelly I do not really speak Hungarian, but I will try to make everything available in english. I usually write german, though.

Monday, June 05, 2006


HE came to Oaktown last September, to campain for a party that had totally rejected him only a few weeks before. HE won the elections and became the Bundesminister for Verbraucherprotection. HE is THE HORST. Oaktown-style.

Stracciatella from the 12th century

The cathedral of Salamanca. A beautiful, 800 year old monument somewhere in the desert of central Spain. How were people at that time able to construct something as tremendous as this? Did they have technologies that we do not know about? Who did they get their knowledge from? Aliens? Or Italian icemen? Questions, that will never be answered...

To avoid confusion: These photos are real, I personally took them about five months ago. And the explanation is simple: During restorarions sometime in the 70s the frescoes on the outside of the church were exchanged by new ones. Everything (except these two little details) was copied and remained unchanged. It seems like spanish masons have a sense of humor.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


I am not really into modern art, but the Guggenheim is worth a visit - mainly because of it's interesting architecture. We were lucky: During our stay there was a very interesting exposition to be seen. It was called "Russia!" and I really enjoyed it - much more than the MoMA and the other modern stuff inside of the Guggenheim.
Even Vladimir Putin came to the opening: Some of the paintings had never been outside of Russia before, it was very impressive.

Some impressions...

East River, at about 7.30 am. After taking Eszter to her bagel shop I went to the United Nations building. That is where I took this picture. On my right hand side (not on the photo) there are two guys and a girl sitting on the ground, still drunk from the night before, having a few Coronas and watching the sun rise. Nice people, offered me some beer.

Well, everybody knows this one. This is Brooklyn Bridge, Eszter used to cross it every day on her way to work. The photo is taken from the southern tip of Manhattan, Pier 17.

The "Peking", built in Hamburg, on Pier 17. Behind her the office buildings of several banks, Wall Street is right around the corner.

For your orientation.

Freedom and Mobility: Thank God for High Tech

Bryant Park. A beautiful place in the center of New York where Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks go ice scating. After walking down 5th avenue and taking a look at the big library around the corner, I sat down to enjoy the sun for a few minutes. I was reading the Sunday issue of the New York Times while the fellow on the right side of the picture played some mine sweeper on his laptop.

Terrorism or simply bad Sushi?

At night, when taking a walk through Manhattan with Eszter, I passed this japanese food place. What had happened?
a) Gas attack
b) Old raw fish with rice
c) Living the American Dream

MoMA NYC: DADA or ballaballa?

This is art (so I was told).

The MoMA actually is the funniest place I know in NYC, Eszter and I were laughing really hard during our time in there. At first, we joined some other people's guided tour and listened to a lady who tried to explain to us the meaning of a big red ball of fur with a hole in it and why this peace of... art is significant enough to be part of the exibit. After twenty minutes we were asked to leave the group, because we hadn't payed the tour (our laughing probably disturbed the lady), but then quickly found another one: There was a german speaking guide leading a political delegation from Baden-Württemberg. Ministerpräsident Oettinger was supposed to be there, too, but probably (and understandably) had preferred to stay a few more hours in bed that day.

Discovering the World... well, parts of it.

Who is the real beneficiary of the Erasmus student exchange programme? That's right: Ryanair & friends. Although I totally detest being in airplanes and busses, it still is the best and cheapest way to travel...
Here is my 2005 record.

Tornado warning in Oaktown!!!

I took these three pictures last year, about August 2005, from the window of my room in Oaktown. World climate change seems to really have taken effect on what used to be peaceful little Bavaria. Take a look at the last photo - you can actually see God move his finger...

Friday, June 02, 2006

Oaktown, Germany

Somewhere in between Auditown and Benztown-Metropolis...